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By Jim Filippi 26 Jul, 2022
If you have no idea about the estate tax laws in California, this post is perfect for you. Understand how it works, the exemptions, and how you can get tax relief.
By Jim Filippi 20 Jul, 2022
It's not only the rich or the old people who need to have a living trust. Read this post to learn how you can set up a living trust in Sacramento, CA.
By Jim Filippi 15 Jul, 2022
Having an estate plan helps in ensuring a better future for your loved ones. Read this post and find out 10 reasons why you need to get an estate plan now.
By Jim Filippi 16 Nov, 2021
Having a trust fund in place can make a huge difference in securing the future of your loved ones. Read this post to learn why you need to fund your trust now.
Estate Planning 101: The Critical Importance of Having Your Estate Plan Reviewed blog image
By Jim Filippi 23 Sep, 2021
The job is not yet over after you create an estate plan. You need to review it on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in order. Read this to learn more.
Estate Planning: Everything You Need to Know blog image
By Jim Filippi 06 Sep, 2021
We hear the term estate planning all the time. BUT - - most people do not know what it really means. In this article, we will discuss estate planning in detail.
What are the Steps to Being a Conservator blog image
By Jim Filippi 23 Aug, 2021
How do you become a conservator? What are your duties when you become one? This post defines conservatorship and talks about the steps you need to take as one.
Explaining What A beneficiary of a living trust is blog a image
By Jim Filippi 08 Mar, 2021
A living trust is a legal contract that serves as proof of any assets that you want to transfer into it. Who can be your trust beneficiary? Read on to find out.
What is a trustee blog image
By Jim Filippi 18 Feb, 2021
In this article, we will define what a trustee means. We will discuss the roles of a trustee in handling a living trust. Read on to understand this role more.
Avoiding Conservatorship blog image
By Jim Filippi 02 Feb, 2021
Find out how to avoid going through the conservatorship process. If you have gone through it, this article will answer some questions you may have about your own case. Read on and discover what steps need to be taken when trying to avoid a conservatorship.
Medicaid (Medical) Planning for Your Estate Plan blog image
By Jim Filippi 21 Dec, 2020
If you are looking to protect your family or loved ones from the burden of paying for medical bills after your passing, then a comprehensive estate plan is in order. Learn about the value of one today!
What Is A Small Estate Affidavit? blog image
By Jim Filippi 16 Nov, 2020
A small estate affidavit also called an affidavit of heirship and by several other names, is a legal document that proves the ownership of assets in case one dies without leaving behind a will. Read on to find out more about this process, and how you can protect your loved ones.
The Importance of an Estate Planning Checkup blog image
By Jim Filippi 29 Oct, 2020
Estate planning is one of the most important things you can do, but over time, it's easy to forget about your plan or become complacent with your current situation. If this sounds like you, schedule an appointment with our firm in order to ensure
Thirteen Estate Planning Terms You Need to Know blog image
By Jim Filippi 26 Oct, 2020
Estate planning is important to make sure your assets are properly distributed after you pass away. These thirteen estate planning terms will help everyone understand the information relayed to them when discussing estate plans. Here we try and help you figure out what each of the main estate planning terms mean so you can fully understand them.
What is probate?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 12 Oct, 2020
Probate is a legal procedure that's typically required when someone dies. Learn what it is and how to navigate the process in this article. We give you the basics of what it is and how to get started.
Estate Planning Strategies to Consider this Election Year  blog image
By Jim Filippi 28 Sep, 2020
In this election year, it's likely that your estate and gift planning strategies will be greatly affected by the outcome of several proposed tax law changes. Here are a few things you can do to prepare before the big day.
Do I Have Time for an Estate Plan?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 23 Sep, 2020
We get this question all of the time. Find out what you need to know to make an informed decision about estate planning, and who should do it. In this article, we outline the advantages of estate planning, why it can be time-consuming and how you can get started with a simple plan.
Can an Irrevocable Trusts Be Amended or Modified  blog image
By Jim Filippi 31 Aug, 2020
The short answer is no, you cannot amend or modify an irrevocable trust. However, even if a trust is not revocable, there may be ways to change it. Learn how here!
What is the Difference Between a Will and a Living Trust?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 17 Aug, 2020
Many people don’t know when to use a living trust and how it differs from other estate planning tools. Learn what a will and living trust are, when one is better than the other, and why you need an experienced estate planning attorney.
Trust Administration:  How Much Should a Trustee Be Paid?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 24 Jul, 2020
Trust administration is an important part of estate planning and can be a difficult process for the trustee. It requires the evaluation of numerous factors before you can determine the payment for a trustee. Find out how much you should pay your trustee here.
What Every Parent Needs to Have Written  blog image
By Jim Filippi 18 Jul, 2020
As a parent, you have considered the possibility of dying and leaving your children behind. Don't leave anything to chance. Make sure that when it comes time to protect your child's future, you do everything necessary in ensuring they are taken care of for years
Why Avoid Probate?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 22 Jun, 2020
When a loved one passes away, it's natural to wonder how you'll be able to deal with the estate. This article covers all of the basics and more, exploring what exactly probate is and why you should avoid it at all costs.
Medical Debt Blues?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 09 Jun, 2020
As medical debt continues to grow, more and more people are not able to pay their bills, either because they can't afford them or their insurance won't cover the bill. There are several options available for those who need assistance in this area.
Is Your Home Underwater?  Lien Strip It!  blog image
By Jim Filippi 05 Jun, 2020
Do you have a house that is underwater (owe more on it than it's worth) and full of liens? You may be able to lien strip your property. Find out how here.
What is Trust Administration?  And is It Something I Can Do Alone?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 30 May, 2020
Find out if you can do trust administration on your own or not. Learn about what trust administration means, and when to hire a professional for the job.
The #1 Legal Document Every Adult Needs to Have  blog image
By Jim Filippi 12 May, 2020
When a medical emergency strikes, you need to be prepared. Having an Advanced Healthcare Directive in place will ensure your wishes are followed and the proper people are contacted.
Four Reasons Your Will May Be Contested in Court  blog image
By Jim Filippi 05 May, 2020
Creating is a will is not always final. There may be times when a will is contested in court. This post talks about the 4 ways a will is contested in court.
Take Your Power Back from COVID-19: Estate Planning Steps to Protect Yourself  blog image
By Jim Filippi 28 Apr, 2020
Read this article to learn about estate planning, especially the steps you need to take now that there is covid-19. it's always better to be prepared for whatever happens.
Can a Trustee also be a Beneficiary in a California Trust?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 21 Apr, 2020
This article discusses whether a trustee can become a beneficiary under California laws. To truly understand how this process, we have to dive into a little property law.
What Happens When a Bad Trustee Strikes?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 14 Apr, 2020
If you are a beneficiary of a trust, you may wonder what your rights and remedies are if the trustee is not performing his or her duties properly. This article provides an overview of how you can address this issue to avoid any problems.
Do Current Events Have You Thinking of Your Estate Plan?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 08 Apr, 2020
It's not surprising that many people are looking for ways to handle their final affairs. With all that is going on with the pandemic, thoughts of how our estate will pass is definitely something you should think about considering this virus isn't going away soon.
You Have Options in this Downward Economic Shift  blog image
By Jim Filippi 31 Mar, 2020
We know what you're going through. If you have found yourself in a financial situation where bankruptcy might be the only way out, we can help. Check out this article so you know your options.
What to Do with Your Beloved Collection  blog image
By Jim Filippi 25 Mar, 2020
Your collection is a significant part of your life and legacy. Learn how to preserve its value when you pass away or become incapacitated with these tips from the Filippi Law Firm.
Does My Estate Plan Need to Include All of My Property?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 17 Mar, 2020
Find out why you may need to include all your assets in your estate planning and how this can reduce stress for those inheriting these assets.
Can DUI Lead to Murder?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 13 Mar, 2020
A first-offense DUI arrest is typically charged as a misdemeanor. However, it can be considered murder if certain circumstances are present. This article discusses how that may happen and what you need to know about your charges.
Can My Estate Plan Support a Charity?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 07 Mar, 2020
Find out if an estate plan can support a charity. Many use their estate plans to pass along their values as well as their wealth. One way to do this is giving thanks with your estate plan by designating charitable giving or specific gifts that will help ensure your wealth is imparted to well-deserving people.
3 Things You Must Do Once Your Divorce Is Final  blog image
By Jim Filippi 06 Mar, 2020
After a divorce is finalized, you must take action immediately or risk not having your wishes carried out. This article will discuss what you need to do once your divorce has been finalized. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today!
Do I Have to Complete Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) During a DUI Investigation?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 04 Mar, 2020
There are several types of field sobriety tests used by law enforcement during DUI investigations. Find out more about these tests and whether or not you have to take them with our expert guide!
Do I Need an Attorney to Draft My Estate Plan?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 02 Mar, 2020
This article will help you understand why you don't need an attorney to draft your estate plan or any legal manner. However, should you do these things on your own? Read this article and decide for yourself.
You Don't Have to Be Innocent to Be Not Guilty
By Jim Filippi 24 Feb, 2020
A not guilty verdict has a very specific meaning in the criminal justice system. Learn what it means to be "not guilty" and gain insight into how this relates to your case.
A Trust for Fluffy or Fido?  blog image
By Jim Filippi 21 Feb, 2020
Estate planning is about protecting what's important to you. Although much of the traditional estate planning conversation focus on surviving spouses, children, grandchildren, many pet parents wonder about what could happen to their “furry children” after their death
Decanting:  How to Fix a Trust That Isn’t Getting Better with Age blog image
By Jim Filippi 19 Feb, 2020
If you're the beneficiary of an irrevocable trust that was created fifty years ago or more and it no longer makes sense, there is a way to fix the problem. Read this post to know if it may be time to "decant" one into a new trust.
Estate Planning for People Living Together, Bachelors, and Bachelorettes blog image
By Jim Filippi 14 Feb, 2020
Estate planning is an important process for everyone, regardless of marital status. Learn about different estate planning options for those who are not married and how to plan your estate properly.
By Jim Filippi 24 Jan, 2020
It is not uncommon for clients to be concerned about the effect of bankruptcy filing on their estate plans. Thankfully, there are ways you can address your concerns and protect yourself and your family from needless worry. If you would like more information about this topic, read on.
The Bail Reform Debate blog image
By Jim Filippi 16 Jan, 2020
The new bail reform law in New York is alarming many as it has resulted in some accused of crimes committing new offenses while awaiting trial. We hope to shed some light and provide a balanced discussion on the pros and cons of this controversial law.
Choosing a Trustee blog image
By Jim Filippi 09 Jan, 2020
Most people have no idea what a trust is or why it's necessary. The reality is that you'll need to choose someone who will handle your affairs if something happens. Don't just think about this in the abstract, but make sure you've got an appropriate plan now so that you can do this without any problems.
Is a Handwritten Will Effective? blog image
By Jim Filippi 04 Jan, 2020
While it may be possible to write out a will on your own, you should consider speaking with an attorney about having one professionally drafted. Here's why...
Important Things Your Agent Under a Medical Power of Attorney Needs to Know blog image
By Jim Filippi 28 Dec, 2019
It is important that your agent has the information they need to make medical decisions for you. Find out what it is and why it's vital to have in place.
He Got Off On A Technicality!!” – A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Viewpoint blog image
By Jim Filippi 20 Dec, 2019
In criminal defense work, the use of the term “technicality” is a common theme. So what do we mean by a technicality? And how should criminal defense attorneys approach this in court?
Myths We Tell Ourselves About Estate Planning blog image
By Jim Filippi 14 Dec, 2019
Estate planning is an important and sometimes difficult process. Here are some of the most common estate planning myths, debunked! Find out what you need to do today to protect yourself and your family.
Estate Planning Awareness Week: Having a Family Estate Plan blog image
By Jim Filippi 09 Dec, 2019
If you don't have an estate plan, you could be leaving your loved ones in a very difficult situation. Click here to learn more about having one today!
How to Get the Best DUI Defense in California Blog image blog image
By Jim Filippi 22 Nov, 2019
The best way to avoid serious penalties in case of a DUI offense is to hire the right lawyer to represent you in court. Here are some tips on how to find the best defense attorneys for your case.
Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy blog image blog image
By Jim Filippi 19 Nov, 2019
In this article, you will learn the basics of filing for a chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Along with that, we'll go over some important documents and their role in the process. Read on to find out more!
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