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No matter how simple or complicated your legal needs may be, Filippi Law Firm is here to help. The future is inherently uncertain. Planning your estate can provide you and your family with much-needed peace of mind, financial security, and control. Understanding your life and end of life goals will allow us to provide you with a comprehensive estate plan that fits your needs while meeting California Estate Planning laws. 

Our founder, Jim Filippi, has always had a passion for law and community service. Before becoming a lawyer, Jim was a police officer in the state of California. Whether as an officer or now as an estate planning attorney, his goal has been the same: To serve.

At Filippi Law Firm, we are committed to helping Rocklin, California families plan for their future. Your loved ones deserve to feel protected—today, tomorrow, and beyond. Don't just take our word for it; see what our clients have to say about us.

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What's the point of getting legal services if your attorney is unreachable, unapproachable, or inattentive? At Filippi Law Firm, we believe in providing the kind of customer service that we would expect on the other end. Our clients have an easy time reaching us because we make that our priority. We take our work seriously. Whether handling estate taxes, advance directives, or probate, attorney Jim Filippi will give you the individualized attention you deserve.



Estate Planning Services

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Probate Services

Probate is the legal process of reviewing a will, determining whether it authentic. The term also refers to general administration for deceased person's estate without a will or executor name in their wills after they die. Probating an asset-holder involves collecting assets and distributing them among beneficiaries as part of the probating process.

Will & Trust Services

Having a will provides you with the opportunity to make decisions for yourself and your loved ones when it comes time. A last-minute document can help keep things clean, but if nothing is done at all then everything falls into chaos once again. It's important not only that will be written down in advance of death, but also what they contain: from the power of attorney rights for those left behind to who gets custody over children or pets after someone passes on.

Durable Power Of Attorney

Appointing a power of attorney when one is sick or disabled can help ensure that all legal decisions are made in the best interest of their health. This makes medical care more manageable and more available while maintaining financial stability for them as well. Appointing a power of attorney is a legal procedure giving one person the authority to represent another. The agent can have limited or expansive control over their principal's affairs, depending on what they are given explicit permission to do in the POA agreement.

Revocable Living Trust Services

A revocable trust is a living will with benefits. Revocable trusts provide income for the grantor and grant flexible power to alter or cancel provisions of the trust at any time during their life span. A person can change how property is distributed before death by making changes to this type of contract ongoing throughout one's lifetime rather than waiting until after they pass away like in an estate plan without flexibility on behalf of all beneficiaries (the descendants).

HIPAA Authorization Services

As the HIPAA Privacy Rule permits certain entities to use or disclose PHI in some circumstances without a person's consent, it is critically important that all covered entities and business associates have written rules of behavior for signing an authorization form. Without this document, these companies could be found liable if they are discovered violating privacy laws by making unauthorized disclosures with someone else’s health information.

Advanced Healthcare Services

An advanced directive lays out important details for the people who will need to make critical decisions on behalf of someone else, such as healthcare providers or family members if they cannot do so themselves. It helps explain what kind of treatment an individual would want when faced with life threatening illness or injury by indicating their wishes ahead time rather than through discussion during times like these.Write a description for this tab and include information that will interest site visitors. For example, if you are using tabs to show different services write about what makes this service unique. If you are using tabs to display restaurant items write about what makes a specific dish particularly worthwhile or delicious.

Trust Administration Services

The job of the trustee is to oversee assets for a trust. This includes protecting them and using them in accordance with the instructions given by those who established this type of arrangement. The duties will vary depending on what was put into place when it was first created, but all trustees have one goal: protect their trust's holdings while also making sure that they're used as desired by its creators.

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Jim guided us through the entire process and always answered our questions with a thorough explanation.


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