James Filippi, Esq.

Principal Attorney

James Filippi

Our firm's founding attorney took his first oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California at 18 years old.

Many years later, he nearly died serving that oath, an incident that sent him into early retirement from law enforcement and left him with a profound sense of emptiness.

When he first read the attorney's oath, the one required for all attorneys to take before being admitted to the State Bar, he recognized the resemblance to the oath taken so many years prior and knew he was back where he belonged.

The legal system isn't easy to navigate, and we hate to see it when people frequently get run over by it. With the Filippi Law Firm, P.C., you aren't alone.

We won't allow you to be disadvantaged. Not on our watch.

Our Principal Attorney

Attorney Jim Filippi is the founder and principal attorney for the Filippi Law Firm, P.C. He is a native of Northern California, where he was born and raised.

Jim has an extensive educational background, graduating with the following degrees:

  • Juris Doctor (JD) from Northwestern California University School of Law
  • Bachelor of Science in Law from Northwestern California University School of Law
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California Coast University
  • Associates of Science in Administration of Justice from Diablo Valley College
  • Certificate in Law Enforcement from Napa Valley College

Jim is also an adjunct professor of law at Northwestern California University School of Law, from where he graduated. He currently teaches a multitude of courses at all levels of law school to help shape the next generation of attorneys.

Before attending law school, Jim was a real estate broker and mortgage loan originator who spent time educating clients and planning their finances for real estate purchases. Prior to that, Jim retired as a police officer after serving as a crime scene investigator, hostage negotiator, and a member of the mobile field force.

Jim has the education, training, and experience necessary to professionally represent your legal matters in the areas of Estate Planning and Probate & Trust Administration.

Jim is happily married to his wife Courtney and is a proud father to three amazing children. He has served as an Honorary Commander with the 60th Aerial Port Squadron at Travis Air Force Base and as a Law Enforcement Liaison with Northern California Concerns of Police Survivors.


  • R.M.

    Absolutely one of the most honest people in the industry in our local area if you want professional opinion on your situation this is your guy to go to, there's a lot of people that are willing to take your money keep pulling you along for the ride to add on more fees, but with Jim he's actually looking for a solution to your issue. I couldn't thank him enough for all he did!

  • J.M.

    Jim is not your average attorney. He does not talk down to his clients and he treats them with respect!

  • S.R.

    All services were performed in a professional and timely manor. I would highly recommend Filippi Law Firm to anyone looking for an attorney who cares about his clients. Their office is every warm and friendly.

  • B.G.

    Filippi Law Firm did an excellent job for me. They were very professional and completed what I needed in a timely manner. They really care for their clients and were always available if I had any additional questions. I was very pleased with their work. I highly recommend them to friends and family.

  • B.G.

    I went to the Filippi Law Firm to update my Trust. Jim Filippi exceeded my expectations. He is knowledgeable, thorough, kind, professional and explained in clear language what everything meant. His assistant, Courtney, is friendly and professional, too. They are both very responsive to all my questions. The quality of their work is exceptional. I highly recommend Filippi Law Firm!!

  • S.T.

    Jim and Courtney were fantastic to work with. Jim guided us through the entire process and always answered our questions with a thorough explanation. We never had any trouble reaching them as they were always available through the entire process. I would highly recommend them for any legal related needs. We will be referring them to all of our friends and family.

  • B.L.

    Jim is a very knowledgeable and responsive guy, and very helpful with any thing Estate Planning. Highly recommend.

  • S.M.

    I had been looking for an attorney for a long time to help with the resolution of a couple of liens and found Jim through Next Door.  Because of COVID-19 we were not able to meet in person and did a video chat instead.  Right off I had a very comfortable feeling talking to him and was thrilled that he chose to take on my case.  He was very persistent in the negotiations with my creditors and I was very satisfied with the outcome.  He walked me through every thing he did and even pointed out details on the legal documents that were to my advantage.  This showed me that he is a very competent attorney. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for legal assistance.  You won't go wrong.

  • R.L.

    We were needing to update to our 25 year old trust. We Chose Jim based on the reviews on Yelp, after talking with him on the phone we decided to go in for a consultation. We had a couple of difficult emotional decisions we needed to sort through. Jim listened attentively, helped us navigate our reasons and ultimately we were able to be at peace with our decisions. Jim is very knowledgeable about estate law and helped us avoid any pitfalls surrounding our estate and our durable powers of  attorneys. He also put in place many protections we were totally unaware of. We started this process at the beginning of COVID-19, he and Courtney created a safe space each time we and our witnesses met with them. Jim is down to earth, friendly Knowledgeable and above and beyond caring. We now feel our estate is well protected.

  • C.L.

    I needed a Living Trust for my home, a will, an Advanced Health Care Directive. etc. Jim was extremely knowledgeable, explaining everything very carefully in and detail.  Jim also explained that he will be available to answer any additional questions as needed, his goal is to build relationships with his clients.  Jim put together the complete package I needed and to top it off, his prices are very reasonable.  I highly recommend Jim and Courtney!

  • M.H.

    My husband and I needed to have a Trust prepared and didn't even know where to begin. Jim not only took the time to explain everything to us on a level that we could understand but he was so flexible to work with us and our crazy work schedules on top of managing two little kiddos. A lot of what we accomplished was done by virtual meetings which was HUGE for us. We really felt like we were being taken care of, and our best interest was kept in mind.  He made sure to go above and beyond to ensure we understood everything we were doing, and also made sure to touch on things that we would have never thought of.  Filippi Law Firm was so professional and on top of things; the process was very smooth, simple and quick..I felt like when it was all said and done, we couldn't say thank you enough, and yet they were the ones thanking us and even gave us a small thank you gift!! We couldn't have asked for a better experience through this and would highly recommend Jim and his team!!

  • K.W.

    I was looking for someone to help me with my living trust and all it's various components. It was partly because of their close proximity that I chose the Filippi Law Firm, but I am very happy I did. Jim is a very down to earth and personable person which put me at ease right away. But make no mistake, he is also a very competent and extremely thorough  attorney. He and his paralegal wife took very good care to see  that I felt welcome me and understood  every aspect of what was being done and why. Their costs are very reasonable for the services that they provide. I would recommend Jim to anyone with a need for trustworthy legal representation.

  • R.K.

    My husband and I needed updating of our will. It had been drawn up many years ago. We found Jim with Filippi Law Firm, and based on his consistent excellent reviews, we called to set up a consultation. It was the best choice we could have made.

    We originally thought the process was going to be difficult and complicated, but Jim made it very easy. He took the time to walk us step by step through the process and made sure we understood everything about creating "Our" Trust.

    Along with excellent service, Jim's fees were very reasonable. Jim and his paralegal wife, Courtney, are a real pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Attorney that is first class, professional and trustworthy.

  • S.M.

    I needed a local attorney to help me restate my living trust. Jim reviewed my exist trust and pointed out the deficiencies. he completely restate my trust/will/power of attorney and healthcare directive and thoroughly explained the legal ramifications of the language in simple terms. He provided handy asset list forms and contact lists for my trustees. He made the process easy with minimal effort on my part. This is not a $695 trust you find in newspaper ads but I believe it is very thorough and Jim will be there to support it and make changes in the future. I highly recommend his services.

  • S.M.

    I needed an attorney to help me with legally changing my middle name to my maiden name.  I am so VERY thankful that I used Jim at the Filippi Law Firm. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable.  While at court, several people went before me to do the same process and their cases all were continued because of certain paperwork not being filed.  When it was my turn to stand in front of the judge, Jim and I were there for less than a minute and the process was done. The judge signed the official paperwork and we were out of there within minutes.  Jim made this process seamless and so very clean.  If you are ever in the business of looking for an attorney ... look no further and contact Jim at the Filippi Law Firm!! A+ and 5 stars all the way!!!


Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

The Filippi Law Firm, P.C. supports those willing to place themselves in harm's way to protect all of us. It takes a special person willing to risk so much for those they've never met. It is, for this reason, we offer special pricing for First Responders. When calling to schedule a consultation, let us know you're a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic.


Attorney Jim Filippi has always been connected with the First Responder community. He is a retired police officer and prior to that, served as a volunteer firefighter. Most recently he served as the communications director and law enforcement liaison for the Northern California chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, an organization that supports families of fallen police officers.

Estate planning for First Responders has a few special nuances that must be addressed. From the benefits available for line of duty deaths to preparations for public funeral services. The Filippi Law Firm, P.C. recognizes and addresses these concerns and makes it so your comprehensive estate plan is customized for your special profession. 

“Jim is not your average attorney.  He does not talk down to his clients and he treats them with respect !”

James Meyer

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