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The estate plan package includes;

  • Advanced Healthcare Directive which is is an authorization given to another individual to make crucial decisions if you are in a condition such as this. This document allows you to make your wishes known about what kind of medical treatment you want or don’t want. It also lets family members and loved ones know how they should handle any medical situation that may arise.

  • HIPPA Authorization
  • Voluntary Dementia Directive

There may come a time or an incident that may place you in a condition where you cannot make decisions for your healthcare or personal care.

Through healthcare document creation, you can have the assurance that you and your family will handle such a situation promptly because of the available documents you have prepared in advance (such as advance healthcare directives, medical power of attorney, and other healthcare documents).

Have a Comprehensive Estate Plan

The advance healthcare directive can stipulate conditions that will allow certain actions to be taken or not taken, as in the case of a directive to cease lifesaving measures. You can use this document with a durable power of attorney for healthcare, which gives another person the right to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated by injury or illness.

Power Over Your Assets

One document that works in conjunction with this document is a HIPAA authorization which authorizes medical staff to communicate with a person other than yourself regarding your healthcare. If HIPAA authorization is not in place, medical personnel may refuse to communicate with your designated person. It can be especially problematic if you are unconscious or unable to communicate.

Continue With A Plan

We all hope that we will never become incapacitated and will always be in a position to make our own medical decisions. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and having a comprehensive estate plan in place will ensure that even if you are incapacitated, your wishes for your medical care are still followed. The advanced healthcare directive and the HIPAA authorization are two key documents that make it so you can make those decisions long before anything happens to you.

  • Last Will & Testament

    We will prepare a legal document to provide clear instructions on what should happen to all your assets according to your wishes after death. It can prevent family feuds over property and other finances.

  • Power of Attorney

    We’ll guide you in choosing a power of attorney (POA) and explain what legal decisions can be made by the person assigned. It’s the best way to protect your finances, property, or medical care.

  • Trusts

    This includes Revocable Living Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Testamentary Trust, and Special Needs Trust.

  • Pour Over Will

    Our professional team will ensure that a pour-over will is in place to capture any assets that are not included in your living trust or that weren’t transferred initially. It’s always better to play it safe and make sure everything is handled accordingly.

  • Healthcare Documents

    If something should happen to you and you can no longer make decisions, you’ll want to make sure that somebody has your best interest at heart and follows your instructions for any healthcare needs. Our team will create the legal healthcare documents needed to give you peace of mind.

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Jenn helped us with a trust account for my parents. She is very polite and thorough at doing her job she answered every question. My parents had and made them feel very welcome there. If we ever had to use the office again, we would .

Mark L. | California

My experience was perfect.

Arnett D. | Fairfield, CA

Great firm!

Rod S. | California

Very detailed in redoing our trust. I would definitely refer my friends to them.

Peg H. | Citrus Heights, CA

I was referred to Filippi Law Firm from another client, who was very happy with their services. I very thankful for the guidance given, for my “Trustee Role” for my Uncle’s Estate. It went smoothly, from start to finish.

Lillian G. | Lincoln, CA

This is a wonderful firm. I had the privilege to work with Fillipi Law to do my estate planning, which I was uneducated about. My Attorney was Jennifer, and she walked me through everything and was very patient, knowledgeable, and helpful so that my estate was simplistic to understand an execute. I highly recommend this company. I am very grateful for the services they provided me and especially for how kind and considerate they were with every step. Don’t hesitate to use them for your legal needs.

Laura | California

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