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Filippi Law Firm, P.C., provides legal services for residents of Granite Bay, CA, in estate planning, probate, trust administration, trust litigation, and personal bankruptcy.

Estate planning gives you the power to make important decisions about your assets, healthcare, finances, and legacy. An estate plan gives you control over issues throughout your life and is not just for end-of-life matters.

An estate plan is composed of many documents, not just a last will. It can include a last will and testament, a pour-over will, a revocable living trust, an irrevocable trust, a testamentary trust, a special needs trust, a durable power of attorney, and a range of healthcare documents such as advanced healthcare directives and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) authorizations.

Without an estate plan, your estate goes through probate court, which can be costly in terms of legal fees. California has legislated a standard estate plan under the laws of intestacy (the state of dying without a will). This default plan may not align with your wishes and could burden your loved ones with time-consuming, unnecessary expenses.

Our mission is to guide you through every step of the estate planning process so that we can create an estate plan to suit your needs. An estate plan provides peace of mind when ensuring that your loved ones will be provided for and your wishes are carried out.

Filippi Law Firm, P.C., provides legal services in estate planning, probate, trust administration, trust litigation, and personal bankruptcy in the greater Sacramento area, with a focus in Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, and Lincoln.

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Granite Bay, California

Granite Bay is an unincorporated community with 20,000 residents in Placer County. It is situated on the north shore of Folsom Lake, east of the Sacramento Valley, at the foot of the Sierra foothills, about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento.

Granite Bar, later renamed Granite Bay, was named after the granite rock extracted from its banks and used as rip-rap in Folsom Dam’s wing dams. The official name for Granite Bay became official on July 28, 1987. Up until that point, the expanding housing developments along this section of the lake were known as Folsom Lake and, for the purposes of government planning, were under Roseville’s jurisdiction out to Barton Road.

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Very pleased with the timely fashion adding our new home to our trust. We tried doing it ourselves but it ended up being a hair pulling situation.

JoAnn S. | Roseville, CA

Excellent knowledge and handled my issues superbly.

Rick R. | Fairfield, CA

Very good service, I am happy with my decision, the service Bryan Walters provided was great, friendly and easy to understand. The whole process went very well and fitted with my schedule.

Trang T. | Roseville, CA

I Highly recommend this firm.

Russell O. | Rocklin, CA

Professional, detailed, helpful, patient and flexible.

Kerry L. | Granite Bay, CA

Jim Filippi is amazing along with his team. They were always there every step of the way explaining what was next. Jim is honest and trustworthy. His honesty is one of his strongest traits. I highly recommend The Jim Filippi Law.

Debbie F. | Foresthill, CA