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The death of a loved one is a difficult time, but the probate or trust administration process shouldn’t be. Effectively managing the probate and trust administration of an estate entails navigating an intricate and complex process. It demands meticulous attention to the nuances of the law, tax code, and adherence to the terms outlined in the trust agreement or last will.

Whether you are assuming the role of a personal representative for a probate estate, a trustee of a trust, or even both, it is crucial to recognize that any errors or oversights in carrying out your fiduciary responsibilities can leave you personally liable and accountable.

To ensure that your affairs are handled with efficiency and accuracy, it is advised to seek the expertise of a top-rated probate attorney in Rocklin, California. A probate lawyer possesses the expertise and knowledge to navigate the complexities of probate and trust administration. Providing you with reassurance that your obligations are fulfilled effectively and in compliance with California legal requirements.

Let Us Share The Responsibility

Assuming the role of a personal representative for a probate estate and/or a trustee of a trust comes with great  responsibility as any errors or missteps in fulfilling your fiduciary duties can have personal repercussions. You may  be held liable for any mistakes made during the execution  of your role.

You were likely selected to serve in this role because the  decedent trusted you to handle their final affairs and properly provide for their beneficiaries. In addition, they chose you because you were the most capable and trustworthy person in their life.

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Being chosen for such a significant role is an honor and should be treated with great appreciation. It is imperative that you prioritize the required execution of your duties.

Having a professional probate and trust administration law firm manage this process is not only a wise move that will give you the best chance of staying in compliance with the law; it also makes the tasks you must perform far easier than if you do it alone.

What is probate?

Probate involves the administration and distribution of a person’s estate and assets after they have passed away. Probate is the legal process that recognizes and executes the instructions provided in the will of someone who has passed. It consists of several steps, including confirming the legitimacy of the will (if there is one), paying off debts, inventorying the assets, and distributing the remaining estate to the beneficiaries. Probate guarantees that the deceased person’s wishes are carried out, creditors are paid, and the estate is distributed properly.

What does the probate process look like?

Typically, the probate process begins by filing a petition with the appropriate court. This starts the legal process and sets the foundation for the administration of the estate. The court will select an executor or personal representative who will be responsible for overseeing the probate process.

Probate proceedings can sometimes face challenges or disagreements, which can prolong the process. These issues may arise as a result of contested wills, conflicts among beneficiaries, or claims made against the estate. Resolving these issues often requires legal intervention, which can lengthen and complicate the probate process.

Generally, these are the probate steps:

  • inventorying the estate
  • notifying creditors
  • settling debts
  • distributing assets

Understanding the probate process is essential for anyone involved in estate planning or going through the probate process for a loved one. By learning about the stages and requirements of probate, you can navigate the process more confidently and ensure that your loved one’s wishes are honored. Seeking professional legal advice and guidance is essential to ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws. While probate can be a complex and emotional process, with the right knowledge and support, you can approach it with clarity and ease. At Filippi Law Firm, P.C., we can help with the probate process and with any estate planning needs.


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Trust Administration, Managing a Trust

You may be a personal representative of an estate or trustee of a trust and not even know it. Probate is the legal process in which the court determines what will happen with your property after you die. Trusts are agreements that allow someone to manage and use the property for another person’s benefit while still retaining ownership and control over it themselves. Both probates and trusts can have beneficiaries who should receive some kind of financial reward when they are successful in their administrative duties, but these fiduciary responsibilities carry personal liability risk as well.

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Was going in for heart surgery in a week and needed an Estate Plan ASAP! Jennifer and the staff at Filippi Law Firm managed to put together my plan, which was rather extensive, within that time frame. This gave me the peace of mind I needed in case the worst happened. Luckily it wasn’t need but I now have it in case I ever do. Great staff and wonderful to work with. Wouldn’t go to anyone else. Would give 10 stars if I could.

Matthew S. | Antelope, CA

We recently relocated from the Bay Area and wanted to update our over-25-year-old Living Trust. He did an outstanding job. He also gave us some contacts in Texas to update some property we own there.

Elmer Y. | Rocklin, CA

Patient and caring and trustworthy are the best words to describe the service my husband and I received. We highly recommend this law firm.

Koren C. | California

I highly recommend Filippi Law Firm. Katia, is extremely genuine very helpful. Great communication from beginning to end. We will work with this law office again. Thanks, team!

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Loved working with the team here for legal services. Responsive and professional and kept me updated through the process. Great all-around experience!

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Always there for you !! Always answering all your questions!! The experience was easy , fast and affordable!! There team is amazing!!!

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