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By Jim Filippi 26 Jul, 2022
If you have no idea about the estate tax laws in California, this post is perfect for you. Understand how it works, the exemptions, and how you can get tax relief.
By Jim Filippi 20 Jul, 2022
It's not only the rich or the old people who need to have a living trust. Read this post to learn how you can set up a living trust in Sacramento, CA.
By Jim Filippi 15 Jul, 2022
Having an estate plan helps in ensuring a better future for your loved ones. Read this post and find out 10 reasons why you need to get an estate plan now.
By Jim Filippi 16 Nov, 2021
Having a trust fund in place can make a huge difference in securing the future of your loved ones. Read this post to learn why you need to fund your trust now.
Estate Planning 101: The Critical Importance of Having Your Estate Plan Reviewed blog image
By Jim Filippi 23 Sep, 2021
The job is not yet over after you create an estate plan. You need to review it on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in order. Read this to learn more.
Estate Planning: Everything You Need to Know blog image
By Jim Filippi 06 Sep, 2021
We hear the term estate planning all the time. BUT - - most people do not know what it really means. In this article, we will discuss estate planning in detail.
What are the Steps to Being a Conservator blog image
By Jim Filippi 23 Aug, 2021
How do you become a conservator? What are your duties when you become one? This post defines conservatorship and talks about the steps you need to take as one.
Explaining What A beneficiary of a living trust is blog a image
By Jim Filippi 08 Mar, 2021
A living trust is a legal contract that serves as proof of any assets that you want to transfer into it. Who can be your trust beneficiary? Read on to find out.
What is a trustee blog image
By Jim Filippi 18 Feb, 2021
In this article, we will define what a trustee means. We will discuss the roles of a trustee in handling a living trust. Read on to understand this role more.
Avoiding Conservatorship blog image
By Jim Filippi 02 Feb, 2021
Find out how to avoid going through the conservatorship process. If you have gone through it, this article will answer some questions you may have about your own case. Read on and discover what steps need to be taken when trying to avoid a conservatorship.

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